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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00018701   [PacketFence]
web admin
minorconfirmed (lmunro)2015-03-04Web admin page for switches has phantom second page
  000182611 [PacketFence]
crashresolved (lmunro)2015-03-04Snort suddenly not starting but after a variable spelling change, it works.
  0001829    [PacketFence]
minoracknowledged (lmunro)2015-03-04Admin Guide 4.4.0 clarification on paper pages 31-32
  0001841    [PacketFence]
minorassigned (dwuelfrath)2015-03-04Issue with Nessus and Net::Nessus::XMLRPC
  00018511   [PacketFence]
web admin
featureacknowledged (lmunro)2015-03-04When creating "Routed Networks" provide default values for DHCP leases
  00018572   [PacketFence]
web admin
featureacknowledged (lmunro)2015-03-04Add the ability to detect the switch type using SNMP
  00018421   [PacketFence]
hardware modules
minoracknowledged (lmunro)2015-03-04Implement RADIUS de-authentication for Meru Wireless Controllers
  00018531   [PacketFence]
web admin
featurefeedback (lmunro)2015-03-04Provide the ability to view logs from the web interface
  0001858    [PacketFence]
web admin
featureacknowledged2015-03-04Display description when adding Triggers to a Violation
  0001856    [PacketFence]
web admin
featureacknowledged2015-03-04Add the ability to test switch credentials (SNMP/CLI/HTTP) from web interface
  0001855    [PacketFence]
web admin
featureacknowledged2015-03-04When creating a new user, require the password be typed twice to prevent errors
  0001854    [PacketFence]
web admin
featureacknowledged2015-03-04Add the ability to manage SSL cert from web interface
  0001852    [PacketFence]
web admin
featureacknowledged2015-03-04Add the ability to send a "Test" email from the web interface
  0001850    [PacketFence]
web admin
featureacknowledged2015-03-04Show MAC addresses of Packetfence interfaces in web interface
  0001849    [PacketFence]
web admin
featureacknowledged2015-03-04The web interface needs to add a "confirm" step in many areas
  0001848    [PacketFence]
featureacknowledged2015-03-04Change docs to recommend using "spanning-tree portfast" or similar technology
  00011455   [PacketFence]
featureacknowledged (lmunro)2015-03-04IPv6 Support
  00017042   [PacketFence]
majorassigned (jrouzier)2015-02-18Guest expiration is not set using the temporary_password method
  000186811 [PacketFence]
featureassigned (jsemaan.inverse)2015-02-18Netgear M Series module does not handle up/down SNMP traps
  00018643   [PacketFence]
hardware modules
minorresolved (fdurand)2015-02-17Compatibility of HP Access Points
  00018637   [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (jsemaan.inverse)2015-02-03Trying to "Share unknown fingerprints" and got "Error! An error condition has occured. See server side logs for details."
  000184461 [PacketFence]
blockassigned (jsemaan.inverse)2015-01-27Config CISCO SF300 / SG 300
  00018603   [PacketFence]
captive portal
minorassigned (jsemaan.inverse)2015-01-27Oauth2 methods do not populate User account fields
  00018303   [PacketFence]
crashresolved (lmunro)2014-12-22Packetfence does not start after upgrade
  00016787   [PacketFence]
captive portal
minorresolved (fdurand)2014-12-22Google oauth redirects back to captive portal before you can select yes/no to allow your site.
  00018453   [PacketFence]
captive portal
minorresolved (fdurand)2014-12-17packetfence
  00018394   [PacketFence]
majorresolved (fdurand)2014-12-17Re-evaluate access fails with undefined subroutine
  00018402   [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (jrouzier)2014-11-26Error applying role to multiple nodes
  00018382   [PacketFence]
minornew2014-10-26New firefox version blocks PF 4.5 Configurator
  00018342   [PacketFence]
minorresolved (fdurand)2014-10-24packetfence upgrade held back because of missing libdatetime-format-rfc3339-perl
  00018281   [PacketFence]
minorresolved (francis)2014-10-07PF 4.4.0 ZEN manual URL error
  0001824    [PacketFence]
minornew2014-09-12VoiP phones don't get complete information when they are autoreg for a different method than dhcp.
  0001655272 [PacketFence]
majornew2014-09-11Inline Mode not forwarding after registration
  0001823    [PacketFence]
web admin
minornew2014-09-05The external script trigger for violations is broken in the admin ui
  00018193   [PacketFence]
minornew2014-08-19Cisco Aironet 1042N periods in MAC
  0001766103 [PacketFence]
hardware modules
minorresolved2014-07-25PacketFence cannot receive SNMP traps from D-link DES3526 Switch
  00018142   [PacketFence]
web admin
minornew2014-07-15Uplinks only allowed to be numeric
  00018063   [PacketFence]
captive portal
blocknew2014-07-09Your network should be enabled within a minute or two
  0001813    [PacketFence]
captive portal
minornew2014-07-07Phone number check with regex
  0001811    [PacketFence]
majornew2014-06-13fake_mac_enabled by default
  0001810    [PacketFence]
web admin
majorresolved2014-06-11IP Address saved as MAC Address in Switch configuration
  00018091   [PacketFence]
minorresolved (dwuelfrath)2014-06-10allowed_device_types.txt file is not population the dropdown
  00018051   [PacketFence]
captive portal
minorresolved (dwuelfrath)2014-06-10Device Registration: unreg date/access duration not used
  0001807    [PacketFence]
captive portal
minornew2014-06-05error registering device
  0001804    [PacketFence]
web admin
featurenew2014-06-03Allow to reorder SMS carriers
  0001603    [PacketFence]
tweaknew2014-06-03Bandwith violations edit doesnt reload pfmon
  00012671   [PacketFence]
captive portal
trivialresolved (fdurand)2014-06-02add template toolkit error reporting on all ->process calls
  00017865   [PacketFence]
minorresolved (fdurand)2014-06-02software installation error
  000179811 [PacketFence]
captive portal
minorresolved (fdurand)2014-06-02Captive Portal Exception in version 4.2.1
  00018021   [PacketFence]
hardware modules
featurenew2014-06-02Add TPLink Access Point hardware/firmware support
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