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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001749    [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (francis)2013-12-02Can't assign rules to an authentication source
  00011551   [PacketFence]
web admin
featurenew2013-11-27Roles should be fetchable from LDAP in Web Admin
  0001747    [PacketFence]
web admin
featurenew2013-11-19Dynamic attributes in LDAP authentication source
  00017443   [PacketFence]
minorresolved (francis)2013-11-15Unable to add new rule to existing authentication source via the GUI
  00017161   [PacketFence]
minornew2013-11-06Insecure dependency on service start
  0001746    [PacketFence]
captive portal
minornew2013-11-04RADIUSSource doesn't match username
  00016721   [PacketFence]
web admin
featurenew2013-10-30Switches configuration should include an alias/name
  00017431   [PacketFence]
minornew2013-10-29Service watchdog not able to restart all services
  0001742    [PacketFence]
captive portal
majorresolved (fdurand)2013-10-25Wispr doesn┬┤t work
  0001740    [PacketFence]
web admin
featurenew2013-10-24Node details not populating for 802.1x clients
  0001739    [PacketFence]
minornew2013-10-22Move snort_rules from violations.conf to pf.conf
  0001738    [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (francis)2013-10-18Advanced search results of users: Can't sort by telephone nor by nodes count
  0001737    [PacketFence]
captive portal
minorresolved (francis)2013-10-18An matches/regexp condition in an LDAP source doesn't test all values
  0001735    [PacketFence]
featurenew2013-10-11Allow localdomain for email registration should use a different value than general.domain
  00017321   [PacketFence]
minorassigned (dwuelfrath)2013-10-10Using NAS-IP-Address for managing RADIUS equipment
  0001731    [PacketFence]
web admin
minorassigned (francis)2013-10-10Show additional columns in nodes module
  0001730    [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (francis)2013-10-10Authentication rules can't include dashes in their name
  0001727    [PacketFence]
majornew2013-10-09Addition of perl module in the sites-enabled/default file causes error Failed to find "perl" in the "modules" section.
  0001715    [PacketFence]
minorresolved (francis)2013-10-09Snort
  0001725    [PacketFence]
majornew2013-10-08not using mail relay server
  00017171   [PacketFence]
blocknew2013-10-08Dependências CentOS 6
  0001657 1 [PacketFence]
majorresolved (francis)2013-10-08LDAP test routine doesn't use "port" information
  0001724    [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (francis)2013-10-07Help from documentation.conf is truncated
  00017122   [PacketFence]
hardware modules
blockresolved2013-10-06Argument "noSuchObject" isn't numeric in numeric eq
  0001723    [PacketFence]
blocknew2013-10-03WARN: couldn't get MAC at ifIndex 33. This is a problem.
  0001722    [PacketFence]
captive portal
minorresolved (francis)2013-10-02Local users can't login on expiration date
  00017211   [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (francis)2013-10-02Error when creating users with no "set role" action
  0001668    [PacketFence]
web admin
minornew2013-10-02Unable to manually add device in web UI
  0001720    [PacketFence]
captive portal
textnew2013-10-01Misleading error message
  000171831 [PacketFence]
majornew2013-09-25OpenVAS XML-Respone can only be read if order and spaces are exactly as expectet by PacketFence
  0001714    [PacketFence]
captive portal
minorresolved (francis)2013-09-17Htpasswd source doesn't respect username
  0001711    [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (francis)2013-09-13caching issue when creating an authentication source
  0001710    [PacketFence]
minorresolved (francis)2013-09-13Unable to stop services via pfcmd
  00016761   [PacketFence]
majorresolved (francis)2013-09-13In 4.0.3, RADIUS stopped authenticating
  0001709    [PacketFence]
minorresolved (francis)2013-09-13802.1x error in RADIUS authorize
  00016341   [PacketFence]
captive portal
minorresolved (francis)2013-09-13Guest email self registration assumes pid is an email address
  00017056   [PacketFence]
blockresolved (francis)2013-09-13PacketFence 4.0.6 Ubuntu 10.04.3 dependency problem
  00016833   [PacketFence]
captive portal
majorresolved (francis)2013-09-13Self-registration page shown even if no external source exists
  0001706    [PacketFence]
minorresolved (francis)2013-09-11Freeradius config files overwritten on RPM upgrade
  00013652   [PacketFence]
captive portal
tweakresolved (francis)2013-09-04Captive portal - email activation - Name the network by its catagorie
  0001702    [PacketFence]
captive portal
textresolved (francis)2013-09-03Text string not in locales file
  00016303   [PacketFence]
featureassigned (ludovic)2013-09-03Username Registration Blacklist
  0001701    [PacketFence]
web admin
featureresolved (francis)2013-08-29Search through notes
  00016932   [PacketFence]
web admin
majorresolved (francis)2013-08-22portal uses source which is undefined there
  00016982   [PacketFence]
web admin
minoracknowledged2013-08-21unable to define logo in profile other than default
  00016951   [PacketFence]
majorresolved (francis)2013-08-20Apache error for guest: You don't have permission to access /cgi-perl/email_activation.cgi on this server.
  0001667    [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (francis)2013-08-20Unable to edit notes in Web UI
  00016941   [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (francis)2013-08-20pre-registration confirmation mail - %s not replaced by domain name
  000168141 [PacketFence]
captive portal
majorresolved (francis)2013-08-19Guest registration page doesn't show any submit button
  0001690    [PacketFence]
web admin
majorresolved (francis)2013-08-17duration missing from Guest Network Access Information mail
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