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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00018001   [PacketFence]
captive portal
minorresolved (fdurand)2014-06-02Packetfence does not redirect to register
  000180132 [PacketFence]
captive portal
minorresolved (fdurand)2014-06-01Packetfence captive portal not function correct Product Version 4.2.2
  000170011 [PacketFence]
minornew2014-05-29Mysql password and user passwords
  0001799    [PacketFence]
web admin
minornew2014-05-26bulk removing nodes/users
  000179411 [PacketFence]
captive portal
minorresolved (jrouzier)2014-05-25caught exeption on node registaration page, captive portal
  00017933   [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (fdurand)2014-05-15web admin interface doesn't start after install
  0001797    [PacketFence]
minornew2014-05-14Renaming portal profile won't move files.
  0001796    [PacketFence]
minorassigned (jrouzier)2014-05-12snort not started
  0001795    [PacketFence]
minorresolved (francis)2014-05-12SQL Upgrade fails due to extra dashes in SQL script
  0001776    [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (francis)2014-05-08Default value of Access duration choices
  000178941 [PacketFence]
minorresolved (fdurand)2014-05-07Unable extract SSID on Cisco 1142
  00017582   [PacketFence]
minorresolved (fdurand)2014-05-07perl-Moose-2.1200-1.of.el6 complains Class::MOP::load_class is deprecated at /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl/Class/ line 76.
  0001790    [PacketFence]
web admin
featureresolved (francis)2014-05-01Nodes - search by OS
  0001792    [PacketFence]
web admin
minornew2014-05-01Export search results to CSV
  0001791    [PacketFence]
web admin
featurenew2014-05-01Searches: customizable number of results per page
  0001780    [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (francis)2014-04-24does not direct after a second authentication on the web admin
  00012106   [PacketFence]
minorconfirmed2014-04-24Can't add/edit person with pfcmd if firstname or lastname have spaces in them
  000177531 [PacketFence]
blockresolved (dwuelfrath)2014-04-17Thread 1 terminated abnormally: Undefined subroutine &pf::SNMP::Cisco::Catalyst_2960::handleReAssignVlanTrapForWiredMacAuth call
  0001787    [PacketFence]
minorassigned (dwuelfrath)2014-04-16configurator breaks system network configuration
  0001785    [PacketFence]
majornew2014-04-04When database is stoped, pfmon ends in an inconsistent state
  0001688    [PacketFence]
captive portal
minornew2014-04-03Captive portal access to common/network-access-detection.gif use lan ip.
  0001784    [PacketFence]
minornew2014-04-03Extend list of email-to-SMS gateways
  00017831   [PacketFence]
minornew2014-04-02dhcpd no lease free
  00017822   [PacketFence]
web admin
minorfeedback (francis)2014-04-02IP address column not populating
  0001781    [PacketFence]
minorassigned (dwuelfrath)2014-04-01Wrong workflow when trapping.registration is disabled
  0001779    [PacketFence]
majorresolved (francis)2014-03-26pfmon unable to do maintenance if mac is without delimiter
  0001772    [PacketFence]
minorresolved (francis)2014-03-20logrotate doesn't properly rotate logs due to syntax error
  00016651   [PacketFence]
web admin
featureresolved (francis)2014-03-20No way to add a node via the GUI
  0001778    [PacketFence]
majorresolved (francis)2014-03-20admin user gain role default
  0001777    [PacketFence]
web admin
featurenew2014-03-14verify fingerbank version before share unknow fingerprints
  0001774    [PacketFence]
featurenew2014-03-12CLI should allow multiple formats for node identification
  000177353 [PacketFence]
minornew2014-03-06Why multi-language translation fails
  00017621   [PacketFence]
majornew2014-03-03epel error
  0001771    [PacketFence]
web admin
featurenew2014-02-27Nodes - Add options to search
  0001770    [PacketFence]
hardware modules
minornew2014-02-26pfsetvlan INFO: ignoring unknown trap
  000176942 [PacketFence]
captive portal
minorresolved (fdurand)2014-02-14Proxy Interception : 503 Service Unavailable
  0001768    [PacketFence]
web admin
featurenew2014-02-11Can't delete nodes whilst 'active'
  000175054 [PacketFence]
captive portal
minornew2014-02-10Guest registration page doesn't show any submit button
  0001759 1 [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (francis)2014-02-07Can't set webadmin access level when creating a new user
  0001729    [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (francis)2014-02-03Can't add rules to a freshly created authentication source
  00017632   [PacketFence]
web admin
trivialnew2014-02-033.6 web based status and reports are missing from pf 4
  0001764    [PacketFence]
minornew2014-02-02Audit log for registrations
  00017454   [PacketFence]
majornew2014-01-30unable to install
  0001761    [PacketFence]
captive portal
minornew2014-01-20Captive Portal needs packetfence restart to show locale characters right
  00017601   [PacketFence]
web admin
trivialresolved (francis)2014-01-20Unable to save searches under Nodes
  00017574   [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (francis)2014-01-14httpd.admin Error when applied role in nodes action menu
  000175621 [PacketFence]
blocknew2014-01-08Configuration Wizard: Unable to proceed past Administration Tab
  000168541 [PacketFence]
web admin
minorresolved (francis)2013-12-17connections number wrong on Connections Types report page
  0001753    [PacketFence]
hardware modules
featurenew2013-12-12compatibility of switch
  00017521   [PacketFence]
minorresolved (francis)2013-12-04Fresh Snort install fails to start after rules update script is run
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