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0001451PacketFencecorepublic2012-05-11 16:302013-07-31 19:43
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Summary0001451: get rid of the uplinks=... concept
DescriptionAfter doing 7264ede and a1b4cc8 I wrote:

# FIXME I just refactored that method but I think we should simply get rid
# of the uplinks=... concept. If you've configured access-control on an
# uplink then it's your problem. Anyway we don't do anything on RADIUS based
# requests. I guess this was there at first because of misconfigured up/down
# traps causing concerns.

Plus we haven't implemented dynamic support on most vendor other vendors and maintaining a list manually is just painful.

We'll discuss it and then decide whether we should do it or not.
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Xen0Phage (reporter)
2013-07-22 20:26

I'd like to ping this instead of opening a new bug request on it. We're having a problem with this now. Basically, the SNMP module for Cisco has "Cisco IP Phone" hardcoded as an identifier for a VoIP phone, but we don't use Cisco VoIP phones. I can easily make the change myself to support our phones, but then I run into maintenance issues with future upgrades.

Removing the uplinks concept entirely sounds viable, except that then there's no "gut check" when a trap comes in to catch any traps sourced from actual uplinks. I'm not sure when, if ever, such a trap would be sent, but having a check to prevent problems may be better than breaking the network.

I can think of two possible solutions. One, have a configurable option where the user can list the CDP/LLDP values of the IP phones they use. Another would be to reverse the check and have users list the CDP/LLDP values of switches they use. Either would solve this problem, I think, and would then put the onus of making the list on the user. Some simple help documentation on how to get the list from the switch should be sufficient.
fdurand (administrator)
2013-07-31 19:42

it has been fixed, so now we fetch the bit to detect if it's an ip phone in CDP flag.

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