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0001451PacketFencecorepublic2012-05-11 16:302013-07-31 19:43
0001451: get rid of the uplinks=... concept
After doing 7264ede and a1b4cc8 I wrote:

# FIXME I just refactored that method but I think we should simply get rid
# of the uplinks=... concept. If you've configured access-control on an
# uplink then it's your problem. Anyway we don't do anything on RADIUS based
# requests. I guess this was there at first because of misconfigured up/down
# traps causing concerns.

Plus we haven't implemented dynamic support on most vendor other vendors and maintaining a list manually is just painful.

We'll discuss it and then decide whether we should do it or not.
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2013-07-22 20:26   
I'd like to ping this instead of opening a new bug request on it. We're having a problem with this now. Basically, the SNMP module for Cisco has "Cisco IP Phone" hardcoded as an identifier for a VoIP phone, but we don't use Cisco VoIP phones. I can easily make the change myself to support our phones, but then I run into maintenance issues with future upgrades.

Removing the uplinks concept entirely sounds viable, except that then there's no "gut check" when a trap comes in to catch any traps sourced from actual uplinks. I'm not sure when, if ever, such a trap would be sent, but having a check to prevent problems may be better than breaking the network.

I can think of two possible solutions. One, have a configurable option where the user can list the CDP/LLDP values of the IP phones they use. Another would be to reverse the check and have users list the CDP/LLDP values of switches they use. Either would solve this problem, I think, and would then put the onus of making the list on the user. Some simple help documentation on how to get the list from the switch should be sufficient.
2013-07-31 19:42   
it has been fixed, so now we fetch the bit to detect if it's an ip phone in CDP flag.