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0001377PacketFenceupstreampublic2012-02-07 11:032012-02-28 14:31
Assigned Toobilodeau 
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Target Version3.2.0Fixed in Version3.2.0 
Summary0001377: freeradius segfaults
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 0xb54f4b90 (LWP 27887)]
0x00bc5726 in Perl_sv_setsv_flags () from /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/i386-linux-thread-multi/CORE/

We're seeing this since a little while, so far we haven't got too deep into identifying root cause as we were thinking it was a freeradius problem... Now, I am getting tired of it...

Affects large environments

- Unable to reliably reproduce
- Tried freeradius 2.1.10-12 packaged and from source

Candidate solutions to move things forward:
- [^]
- recompile freeradius and perl together with a stable perl release (> 5.10)
- try to make the stacktrace better by compiling freeradius AND perl with debug/symbols enabled
- try other rlm_perl debug options as outlined on the freeradius-users list ( [^])


Use watchdog script in addons/.
Steps To Reproduce1. Have a large wireless deployment
2. See radiusd segfault at least once a week
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fixed in git revision
fixed in mtn revision8219835d3324599dc23038758d2ef3324c25ae5b
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obilodeau (reporter)
2012-02-21 14:09

We were able to reliably reproduce in a specific environment with a lot of load. With gdb we still tracked down the issue to rlm_perl / Discussing the problem to people outside of it, we got suggestions to track all native modules used by our perl module.

We found out about Sys::Syslog which uses the native syslog library by default. We decided to port our logging to the native facilities offered by radius' rlm_perl and configure radius to log to the syslog by default.
obilodeau (reporter)
2012-02-21 20:54

This is tentatively marked as fixed. We think we nailed it in at least one obvious crashing case but we won't know for sure until we've deployed the fix more widely.

If you still get radiusd segfaults please let us know and re-open.
obilodeau (reporter)
2012-02-28 14:31

Fixed in recently released 3.2.0.

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