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0001176PacketFenceerror-handlingpublic2011-02-03 15:262011-10-25 09:01
Assigned Tofgaudreault 
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Target Version2.2.0Fixed in Version2.2.0 
Summary0001176: avoid warnings when a RADIUS Access-Request comes to an undefined switch (in switches.conf)
DescriptionSome warnings are generated on the client side. We can handle those.

Also make sure that server side logs say something relevant.
Additional Information- Switch doesn't exist in switches.conf: what happens?
** The VLAN could not be determined by the rlm_perl script, so the status returned by PF is 1 :

Odd number of elements in hash assignment at /etc/raddb/ line 173 (0000001)
    (W misc) You specified an odd number of elements to initialize a hash,
    which is odd, because hashes come in key/value pairs.
Use of uninitialized value in list assignment at /etc/raddb/ line
    173 (0000002)
    (W uninitialized) An undefined value was used as if it were already
    defined. It was interpreted as a "" or a 0, but maybe it was a mistake.
    To suppress this warning assign a defined value to your variables.
    To help you figure out what was undefined, perl tells you what operation
    you used the undefined value in. Note, however, that perl optimizes your
    program and the operation displayed in the warning may not necessarily
    appear literally in your program. For example, "that $foo" is
    usually optimized into "that " . $foo, and the warning will refer to
    the concatenation (.) operator, even though there is no . in your
rlm_perl: PacketFence RESULT RESPONSE CODE: 1 (2 means OK)
TagsCode Review
fixed in git revision
fixed in mtn revision4c6ed11e101483c25dbf5aeb038d92f797d45b3b
Attached Filespatch file icon 0001176.patch [^] (2,809 bytes) 2011-03-25 12:49 [Show Content]

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related to 0001128closedfgaudreault 802.1X / MAC Authentication tests 

-  Notes
fgaudreault (viewer)
2011-03-25 12:49

Proposed patch included.

Previously, we were sending an undef value in the reply array to the module if a switch wasn't in switches.conf The proposed fix is to send a Reply-Message to when an error occur. Instead of having a stack trace, we now have the reason of the reject using the Reply-Message attribute, which is returned by default in the Access-Reject packet.
obilodeau (reporter)
2011-04-29 17:39

fix committed in trunk

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2011-02-03 15:26 obilodeau New Issue
2011-02-03 15:26 obilodeau Relationship added related to 0001128
2011-03-03 15:19 obilodeau Target Version 2.0.2 => +1
2011-03-25 12:20 fgaudreault Status new => assigned
2011-03-25 12:20 fgaudreault Assigned To => fgaudreault
2011-03-25 12:49 fgaudreault Note Added: 0001993
2011-03-25 12:49 fgaudreault File Added: 0001176.patch
2011-03-25 12:49 fgaudreault Status assigned => feedback
2011-03-25 12:49 fgaudreault Tag Attached: Code Review
2011-04-29 17:39 obilodeau mtn revision => 4c6ed11e101483c25dbf5aeb038d92f797d45b3b
2011-04-29 17:39 obilodeau Note Added: 0002047
2011-04-29 17:39 obilodeau Status feedback => resolved
2011-04-29 17:39 obilodeau Fixed in Version => trunk
2011-04-29 17:39 obilodeau Resolution open => fixed
2011-05-04 11:33 obilodeau Fixed in Version trunk => 2.2.0
2011-05-04 11:40 obilodeau Status resolved => closed
2011-10-25 09:01 obilodeau Target Version +1 => 2.2.0

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