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0001038PacketFencepackagingpublic2010-07-27 10:442012-08-07 10:10
Assigned Toobilodeau 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.5.0 
Summary0001038: Permission changing in
DescriptionWhy isn't it done through the RPM?

Here's a typical problematic scenario:
MySQL db was installed somewhere in /usr/local/pf/. Running chown all the files to pf:pf which makes mysqld sad.

Some mailing list conversation backing the change:

> Now i have seen, that the new script 
> makes at the end (after the mysql database creation) a chown to the 
> installation directory.
> So it has changed my permission to the mysql database directory.

It's nothing new, as far as I could go in our source repo, it always worked like that.

> Was it a bad idea to install the mysql database in the pf directory?

Yes and no, we know we like to keep stuff in /var/lib/mysql/ since it's the standard and others don't 
look around for the database in emergency situations.

But it should not prevent you of doing what you think is fine.

> Or is it possible to change the installer script, that only the 
> installed files/dir are changed?
> - Another simple solution is to print a notification in the installation 
> process.
> - Or make a notice in the Documentation section for the HA when it was a 
> good idea to include the mysql database in the pf directory.
Problem is I don't even know why we set everything to be owned by pf:pf in that script and we don't let 
the RPM take care of it instead..

Also, on upgrade, you don't need to run That's another thing that is unclear.

Some code to be rethought of:
# TODO: au démarrage de PF, créer les logs si les fichiers n'existent pas
# et supprimer cette section
print "Creating empty log files\n";
`touch $install_dir/logs/packetfence.log`;
`touch $install_dir/logs/snmptrapd.log`;
`touch $install_dir/logs/access_log`;
`touch $install_dir/logs/error_log`;
`touch $install_dir/logs/admin_access_log`;
`touch $install_dir/logs/admin_error_log`;
`touch $install_dir/logs/admin_debug_log`;
`touch $install_dir/logs/pfdetect`;
`touch $install_dir/logs/pfmon`;
`touch $install_dir/logs/pfredirect`;

print "Setting permissions\n";
print "  Chowning $install_dir pf:pf\n";
`chown -R pf:pf $install_dir`;
foreach my $file (@suids) {
    print "  Chowning $file root:root and setting SGID bits\n";
    `chown root:root $file`;
    `chmod 6755 $file`;
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fixed in git revision
fixed in mtn revision
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child of 0001444closed web-based configuration wizard 

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dwuelfrath (administrator)
2012-08-03 09:56

Since PacketFence 3.5.0, and scripts have been removed. A new web based configurator has been introduced.

Feel free to reopen in any case.
obilodeau (reporter)
2012-08-07 10:10

I'm considering the removal as a fix and not as an indication that it won't be fixed. I changed the resolution accordingly.

( IOW: don't mess with my developer stats! :P )

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