What's Coming in PacketFence v10
January 13, 2020

Scheduled to be released in April, PacketFence v10 will feature numerous major improvements. Among these changes are:

  • Anomaly Detection: through our sister Fingerbank project, PacketFence will be able to automatically detect abnormal network behaviour of IoT devices, medical devices and more. This will be tightly integrated with our Security Events module so it will be possible to quarantine devices deviating from their normal network behaviour.
  • Integrated PKI: PacketFence v10 will provide a built-in PKI solution to ease certificates management and EAP-TLS deployments
  • GUI Improvements: it will be possible to create RADIUS, HTTP, DNS, DHCP, and WMI filtering rules trough a GUI editor and simulate expression evaluations. Switch templates will also be configurable through the GUI.
  • Accounting: PacketFence v10 will handle massive amount of RADIUS accounting and Netflow data - granting improved bandwidth accounting and scalability to its network behaviour analysis capabilities .

Many more features are planned and we are always interested in knowing what you would like to see in PacketFence. Contact us and share your thoughts!

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