PacketFence v9.0 released
May 15, 2019

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PacketFence v9. This is a major release with new features, enhancements and bug fixes. This release is considered ready for production use and upgrading from previous versions is strongly advised.

Here are the changes included in this release:

New Features

  • New web interface based on Vue.js and Bootstrap 4
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates support for captive portal and RADIUS
  • Cisco ASA VPN support with the captive portal
  • Fortinet VPN support
  • DHCP Filter to reply custom attributes in the OFFER and/or ACK (deprecate old DHCP Filter)
  • Add 802.1X and CoA support for Fortinet FortiSwitch
  • Add module to support PICOS white box switches
  • Support for Aerohive access point with switch port
  • Support for Aruba Instant Access switch module
  • Debian 9 (Stretch) support


  • Now including timeout when authorizing a web-auth user on an Ubiquiti UniFi controller
  • Now providing defaults for the Apache filters
  • Allow to configure the RADIUS attributes and their lookup order for extracting the username
  • conf/stats.conf has a default file now
  • VoIP configuration parameter in node_cleanup task to bypass VoIP devices
  • Adding/removing passthroughs doesn’t require to restart pfdns anymore (#3127)
  • Added support for RADIUS disconnect on Ruckus SmartZone
  • Disable Microsoft Active Directory join operating system check option
  • Disable DNS lookup in MariaDB configuration
  • Enable performance_schema if needed
  • Display local account in the captive portal during registration if applicable (#3615)
  • Exception for portal detecion URL in pfdns
  • Added support for Ruckus roles
  • sms_carrier ‘id’ column is now auto-increment (#1270/PR #3684)
  • Better logging for haproxy-portal that allows to identify missing passthroughs
  • Allow to skip management node in portal load-balancing when running in a cluster
  • DHCP and DNS services can be enabled on a specific interface
  • VoIP support for Dell switches

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the systemd logic in pfdhcp
  • Fixed winbindd respawning extremely fast when failing to start
  • Fixed winbindd processes not being killed on latest version of Samba
  • Allow disabling processing of IPv6 packets in the pfdhcplistener
  • fixed untainted variable (#3920)
  • fixed on-registration scanning (#3963)
  • Set the realm in the RADIUS request when doing machine authentication
  • Keep connections to the unified API alive
  • Fixed the documentation and the form for the Juniper SRX firewall

See the complete list of changes and the UPGRADE.asciidoc file for notes about upgrading.

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