What's Coming in PacketFence v8
January 25, 2018

Scheduled to be released in April, PacketFence v8 will feature numerous major improvements. Among them, there are:

  • integration of Fingerbank v2 bringing behaviour analysis support for device profiling and fingerprinting
  • multi-tenancy support allowing VAR/MSSP to host multiple customers on a single PacketFence installation
  • new API framework for all PacketFence functionality which will allow easy integration by 3rd party applications
  • Golang-based services for DNS, DHCP and ipset improving the scalability of PacketFence
  • improved Web Admin interface, including a brand new dashboard
  • VMware AirWatch and Microsoft Intune MDM support

Many more features are planned and we are always interested in knowing what you would like to see in PacketFence. Contact us and share your thoughts!

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