PacketFence v8.1 released
July 10, 2018

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PacketFence v8.1. This is an important release with new features, enhancements and bug fixes. This release is considered ready for production use and upgrading from previous versions is strongly advised.

Here are the changes included in this release:

New Features

  • Added support for dynamic PSK (Cisco IPSK) for the Cisco WLC and hostapd (PR #3244)
  • Added Ubiquiti Unifi web authentication and 802.1X support
  • Added support for Cambium AP module for 802.1X, MAC and web authentication (PR #3282)
  • Added support for OpenWRT 17.01.4 / hostapd (PR #3008)
  • Change root portal module on failure/success
  • Save already entered field on the portal (chain auth)
  • Custom message for SMS registration
  • Expire SMS pin code
  • Define the length of the pin code
  • Enable or disable sponsor authentication when he validates access (PR #2995)


  • Allow connection profiles to be enabled/disabled (PR #3175)
  • Add new portal module action that wraps the default actions a module would normally execute (fixes #3231)
  • Improved startup time of PacketFence (PR #3213)
  • Fix local/reject realm for eduroam in standalone configuration (PR #3264)
  • Allow subsecond timeouts for LDAP connections
  • Allow randomization of the search order for a list of LDAP servers
  • IP exclusion is now possible in the DHCP server
  • Allow max node per role when doing autoregistration
  • Moved unregister on accounting stop parameter on the connection profile
  • VLAN filters can be set to ${node_info.category} and it will return the current category of the device
  • The database load-balancer now listens on the cluster management IP address
  • Allow to update switches while importing them via CSV
  • Golang-based pfdetect service (PR #3260)

Bug Fixes

  • Netdata never ending restarts after a reboot (#3287)
  • Systemd PID file causes issues when there is a stale PID file (#3291)
  • Fixes when a LDAP authentication source contains multiple IP addresses (#3234)
  • Added missing DHCP Statistics for routed networks on the dashboard (#3128)

See the complete list of changes and the UPGRADE.asciidoc file for notes about upgrading.

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