PacketFence v8.0.1 released
May 9, 2018

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PacketFence v8.0.1. This is a minor release that includes only bug fixes. This release is considered ready for production use and upgrading from previous versions is strongly advised.

Here are the changes included in this release:


  • Update the computername (hostname) of a node using the Fingerbank Collector data
  • Detect uplinks based on CDP flag instead of a string
  • Put etcd in its own directory

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with device profiling not being performed when an endpoint connects for the first time
  • Fixed missing timeout when performing RADIUS SSO (FortiGate, CheckPoint, WatchGuard)
  • Fixed issue with API frontend when initially configuring the webservices username and password
  • packetfence-haproxy-portal and packetfence-tc systemd service in a wrong target
  • Custom routing with inline enforcement fails silently (#3215)
  • Nessus 6 scanner
  • haproxy-db only listens on IPv6 interface (Debian) (#3208)
  • Fixed packetfence-local-auth
  • Fixed DNS passthrough for normal domains (was considered as a wildcard)
  • Winbind fails to start because of a permission issues on /var/run/samba/winbindd in the chroots
  • Update from 7.4 to 8.0 audit log file not there (#3216)
  • Fixed unreg on RADIUS accounting stop (#3220)
  • Allow nodes without roles to be modified when restricting allowed role (#3217)
  • Fixed speed issues with node search in the admin
  • Fixed missing timeout for RADIUS sources tests in pfstats

See the complete list of changes and the UPGRADE.asciidoc file for notes about upgrading.

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