PacketFence v4.6.0 released
February 5, 2015

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PacketFence 4.6.0. This is a major release with new features, enhancements and important bug fixes. This release is considered ready for production use and upgrading from 4.5.1 is strongly advised.

Here are the changes in v4.6.0:

New Features

  • Added support for MAC authentication on the AeroHIVE Branch Router 100
  • Added support for MAC authentication floating devices on Juniper EX series, and on the Cisco Catalyst series
  • Added a hybrid 802.1x + web authentication mode for Cisco Catalyst 2960
  • Added a web notification when network access is granted
  • Added the ability to tag functions that are allowed to be exposed through the web API
  • Added WiFi autoconfiguration for Windows through packetfence-windows-agent
  • Added a "Chained" authentication source where a user must first login in order to register by SMS, Email or SponsorEmail
  • Added call to the web API from the VLAN filters
  • Added a way to retrieve user information after the first registration
  • Added the ability to filter profiles by connection type
  • Profiles can be matched by all or any of its filters
  • Can optionally cache the results of LDAP rule matching for a user
  • New portal profile parameter to set a retry limit for SMS-based activation
  • The information available from an OAuth source (first name, last name, …) are now added to the person when registering
  • Allow limiting the user login attempts
  • Added Check Point firewall integration for Single Sign-On


  • Added service as a new API service for the exclusive use of RADIUS
  • More precisely define which DHCP message types we are listening for
  • Removed dead code referring to ‘external’ interface type which was no longer supported
  • Added VLAN filter in getNodeInfoForAutoReg and update/create person even if the device has been autoreg
  • Refactored the VLAN filter code to reduce code duplication
  • Added IMG path configuration parameter in admin
  • Added the ability to restrict the roles, access levels and access durations for admin users based on their role/access level
  • Reduced deadlocks caused by the cleaning of the iplog table
  • Reduced deadlocks caused by the cleaning of the locationlog table
  • Reorganized the portal profile configuration page
  • Added checkup on Apache filters and VLAN filters
  • Created a single LDAP connection when matching against multiple rules
  • Reduced the numbers of entries in iplog table (update end_time instead of closing and inserting a new line)
  • Now matching on language and not only language/country combination for violation templates (See UPGRADE guide)
  • PacketFence FreeRADIUS will return reject on "NAS-Prompt-User" Service-Type requests (Console login using RADIUS as backend)
  • PacketFence now allows limiting the number of times a user can request an SMS message

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed old MAC addresses being left on port-security enabled ports in a RADIUS + port-security environment
  • Fixed firewall rule that allows httpd.portal to be reached on management IP when pre-registration enabled
  • Fixed creating a new file from the Portal Profile GUI in a subdirectory
  • Improved log rotation handling
  • Fixed previewing templates in the admin GUI
  • Fixed bulk applying of roles and violations in the admin GUI
  • Fixed importing of nodes when no pid is given
  • Added a cleanup of trailing and leading spaces of the posted username during the login
  • Fixed wrong regex to detect ifindex in Cisco switches
  • Honor order of profiles when matching profile filters
  • Fixed URI based portal profiles
  • Fixed XSS vulnerabilities in the portal
  • Refresh node page after updating a node
  • Fixed multiple pfdhcplistener spawning
  • Fixed double display of the user page
  • Fixed displaying of rules description after updating source
  • Removed executable bit on some files which do not require it

See the complete list of changes and the UPGRADE.asciidoc file for notes about upgrading.

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