PacketFence 3.6.1 released
January 11, 2013

The Inverse Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PacketFence 3.6.1. This is a minor release with some new features, enhancements and important bug fixes. This release is considered ready for production use so upgrading to 3.6.1 is strongly advised.

Here are the changes since v3.6.0 was released:

New Hardware

  • Support Belair Networks AP


  • Minimal RADIUS logging in the GUI (#1342)
  • Accounting Time Modifier is now mandatory (#1538)
  • Changing the location of ssl-certificates.conf file (#1550)
  • Modifying the way pfdhcplistener handles tagged trafic

Bug Fixes

  • SMS confirmation page is now giving error on invalid PIN (#1579)
  • Signup link availability issues (#1591)
  • Avoid using regdate to determine if node should be unreg (#1317)
  • Guest self-activation issues (#1602, #1606, #1607, #1608)
  • Portal profiles regression with VLAN filter (#1595)

… and more. See the ChangeLog file for the complete list of changes and the UPGRADE file for notes about upgrading. Both files are in the PacketFence distribution.

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