PacketFence selects 3 students projects as part of Google Summer of Code
April 27, 2012

Workers of the future will help shape PacketFence into an even greater project through 3 unique ideas.

We have received 11 proposals for this year’s Google Summer of Code and spent many hours making sure we select the most motivated students. Google made the official selection announcement earlier this week and, so, we are happy to announce the selected students and their ideas:

Congratulations to the selected students and thanks to all applicants! We are now under the community bonding period for the next month and will get to know each other better, setup some GSoC infrastructure and start working on the projects.

We would like to encourage all students (including declined applicants) to stay in touch with the developers by subscribing to our mailing lists or hanging out on IRC. The learning opportunities are numerous for anyone interested in enterprise networking, security and development, making an awesome resume!

A great summer is ahead of us!

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