PacketFence 3.3.2 released
April 23, 2012

This is a minor release with critical bug fixes. Upgrading to 3.3.2 is strongly advised to users of a 3.3.x version.

Ready for production use.

Here are the changes in 3.3.2:

New Hardware Support

  • HP Procurve 5300 series now identified as supported (thanks to the community!)

Bug Fixes

  • critical fix for deauthentication affecting AeroHIVE, Aruba, Cisco Wireless, Motorola and Ruckus. Introduced in 3.3.0 (#1426)
  • Web Admin no longer showing errors in popup dialogs. Introduced in 3.0.3 (#1420)
  • violation trigger parser now more tolerant of trailing spaces
  • ‘add user’ renamed ‘add admin’ for consistency (#1381, Thanks to Joao Moreira)
  • apache tests under pfcmd checkup fails if modules generates warnings (#1283, Thanks to Philipp Snizek)
  • another shot at ‘named not started if using inline enforcement only’
  • trap_limit feature fixes: local traps ignored and continue processing if no action (#1405)
  • false positive error reporting on the Web Admin on specific User-Agents (#1408)
  • saner axis in dashboard graphics

… and more. See the ChangeLog file for the complete list of changes and the UPGRADE file for notes about upgrading. Both files are in the PacketFence distribution.


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