PacketFence 3.1.0 released
December 23, 2011

This is a major release with big features, new hardware support, enhancements, bug fixes and updated translations.

Ready for production use.

Here are the changes since 3.1.0:

New Hardware Support

  • Stacked Cisco 3750 in MAC-Auth or 802.1X
  • AeroHIVE, Aruba and Motorola support RADIUS Disconnect (RFC3576) to perform de-authentication

New Features

  • Statement of Health (SoH) support for reliable client-side policy compliance through 802.1X
  • Detection of rogue DHCP Servers even behind relays (#1151)
  • RFC3576 (RADIUS Change of Authorization / Disconnect) support added
  • Preview support for wired port-bounce on Cisco through CoA (RFC3576). Disabled by default.
  • Wireless profile provisioning for iPhone, iPods, and iPads devices
  • SNMP traps rate-limiting mechanism
  • New graphs in the web admin UI – replaced jpgraph (PHP) by gRaphael (JavaScript)


  • Using HTTP Return Code 501 "Not Implemented" for more effective client blocking
  • Startup performance improvements
  • Added support for session-keyfile introduced in BIND 9.7 (#1257)
  • Several improvements in the addon
  • Global option to disable rogue DHCP server detection
  • Performance improvements to pfdhcplistener
  • More startup validation on SNMPv3 Trap configuration
  • CentOS 6.2 support
  • Several new HTTP User-Agents detected
  • Several new DHCP fingerprints (from our spinoff
  • Better support of WISPr (captive portal detection)
  • Configuration flag to disable the captive portal’s network detection feature
  • Added support for months in normalize_time (#1291)

Bug Fixes

  • Slashes (/) not allowed in person id (#1322)
  • Inline: isolation not properly enforced by firewall if registration is disabled (#1330)
  • Several small fixes in pfdhcplistener
  • Inline: NAT out behavior of PacketFence was changed for the best
  • Keep IP to MAC associations across restarts (#1343)
  • Interface enforcement is now configurable through Web UI / CLI (#1335)
  • Violation charts now show proper values
  • Captive portal error "0" when no password is provided
  • Local SNMP Trap handler now configured by default
  • Years are now 365 days!
  • Interim fixes: #1349


  • New Hebrew (he_IL) translation (Thanks to Ereli)
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) translation (Thanks to Diego de Souza Lopes and Mauricio Lopes)

… and more. See the ChangeLog file for the complete list of changes and the UPGRADE file for notes about upgrading. Both files are in the PacketFence distribution.

Happy upgrading!

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