PacketFence 3.0.2 released
October 24, 2011

A minor release bringing security fixes, new hardware support, some welcomed enhancements, bug fixes and updated translations.

This release is considered ready for production use. Upgrade is recommended due to the security fixes it provides.

Here are the changes since 3.0.2:


Important security fixes have been applied to this version. Thanks to Matthew Daley for identifying them. See issues #1292 to #1296 for details.

New Hardware Support

  • Trapeze Wireless controllers


  • Wireless deauthentication in bridge mode for DLink DWS, HP MSM and Motorola controllers
  • Authentication modules now hold authentication error strings and can set node attributes on authentication
  • Several new configuration parameters to control guest signup, categorization and access durations
  • Improved validation when creating/importing multiple guest accounts
  • Captive portal’s email confirmation page is now reachable from the management interface by default
  • Configuration files ownership validation on start-up and in pfcmd checkup
  • Inline firewall changes: prevent registered users from reaching the captive portal
  • Several new DHCP fingerprints (from our spinoff
  • Minor usability improvements
  • Reduced some false warnings in the logs on node de-registration (#1315)

Bug Fixes

  • Permission denied when changing firewall rules (#1273)
  • Firewall doesn’t allow broadcast packets on internal interfaces (#1316)
  • Pre-registered guest unregdate not set (#1301)
  • Allow incoming DNS on management interface to track users IPs in production VLANs
  • Guest access by SMS confirmation now properly record user’s firstname and lastname (#1308)
  • Signup page now retain Phone provider value if there was a mistake in the form (#1309)
  • Cisco access point (AP) configuration mistake in documentation
  • Dashboard not printing the SQL stats when MySQL is not local (#1289)
  • Doubled allow subnets in captive-portal-common (#1242)
  • Unreliable encoding behavior messes up with translations (#1287)
  • Nodes are not unregistered on unregdate unless an expire mode is activated (#1298)
  • Add trigger or cascade to delete node_useragent when deleting a node (#1285)
  • Removed an error when validating multiple guest pre-registration
  • No admin username output when printing guest access codes
  • Guest access code are now sorted when using batch creation
  • Path problem in Proxy Bypass addon
  • Reduced documentation.conf startup annoyance when using custom authentication modules
  • Pinned Net-Appliance-Session version requirement in RPM Spec (#1312)
  • Some reports graphics were not properly dispalyed (#1234)


  • Updated French (fr) translation

… and more. See the ChangeLog file for the complete list of changes and the UPGRADE file for notes about upgrading. Both files are in the PacketFence distribution.

Stay tuned because we have new IDS engine support and Statement of Health (SoH) support coming in the pipeline!

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