PacketFence 2.0.1 released
January 26, 2011

The Inverse Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PacketFence 2.0.1. This is a minor release bringing new hardware support, a couple of enhancements and bug fixes.

This release is considered ready for production use.

Here are the noteworthy changes since 2.0.0:

New Hardware Support

  • Xirrus WiFi Arrays support (feature sponsored by the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor)
  • Broaden Meru Controllers support
  • Extricom EXSW Wireless Switches (Controllers) support


  • Minor improvement to command-line and Web Admin help
  • Improvements to SSID lookups
  • Cisco WiSM and WLC SSID now recorded (#994)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed pfcmd initiated VLAN re-evaluation (#1160)
  • pfdhcplistener is better at updating node IP information (#1149)
  • Fixed dot11Deauthentication traps issues with pfsetvlan (#1157)
  • Add missing variable in snort.conf template (#1138)
  • Fixed authorized MAC method in Cisco Catalyst 2960 (#987)
  • Improved error handling in pfdhcplistener (#1150)
  • Fixed problems with generating erroneous configuration (#1148)
  • now warns on empty MySQL root password (#1146)
  • Fixed node view database queries that were reporting wrong values under unknown circumstances (#1162)
  • Removed some unnecessary warnings (#1065)

… and more. See the ChangeLog file for the complete list of changes and the UPGRADE file for notes about upgrading. Both files are in the PacketFence distribution.

That’s it folks. Talk to you soon!

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