Extricom WLAN and Inverse announce Technology Partnership to Deliver Leading Network Access Security and Control Solutions using PacketFence
December 8, 2011

New York, NY – December 8, 2011 – Extricom, a developer of enterprise wireless LAN that provides seamless mobility and high throughput with their patented Channel Blanket™ architecture to critical applications in warehouses, hospitals and schools has today announced a new Technology Partnership with information systems consulting and integration firm, Inverse. The primary focus of this new relationship is to specifically highlight the value of PacketFence as a complimentary product to the Extricom WLAN solution and provide numerous network access control and security services together in a single solution deployment. Several successful deployments have already been completed.

PacketFence is a fully supported, free and Open Source network access control (NAC) solution. Boasting an impressive feature set including a captive-portal for registration and remediation, centralized wired and wireless management, powerful guest management options, 802.1X support and layer-2 isolation of problematic devices, it can be used to effectively secure small networks to very large heterogeneous networks. PacketFence integrates perfectly with Extricom through a FreeRADIUS module allowing the ability to secure your wired and wireless networks the same way using the same user database and using the same captive portal, providing a consistent user experience.

Extricom’s unique technology topology eliminates the concept of wireless cell-planning, and replaces it with its unique and patented Channel Blanket™ architecture. In the Channel Blanket™, each Wi-Fi radio channel is used on every access point to create continuous ‘blankets’ of coverage. The sophisticated Extricom WLAN Switch tightly controls a set of multi-radio 802.11 a/b/g/n UltraThin™ Access Points, providing multiple blankets that are both secure and separate, from the same infrastructure. The system is unique in combining multi-channel capacity with blanket mobility and robustness. This makes an Extricom WLAN the most operationally flexible system in the market, and when PacketFence is deployed alongside, brings profound implications for enterprises looking to securely manage guests on their network, roll out a unified communications strategy or introduce a BYOD protocol, amongst other features.

Extricom’s Chief Technology Officer, Eran Shpak, commented ‘It is always exciting to form positive relationships with technology companies where together we can drive the delivery of leading solutions. Extricom’s WLAN is ideal for high-user density environments such as university campuses, stadiums and large public venues; the PacketFence product brings powerful user and guest management options to these high-density environments and the team at Inverse manage the integrations flawlessly. This is a perfect partnership to meet today’s market demands’.

Providing wireless internet access to PYME, one of the largest exhibitions in Latin America, Extricom Partner Consultores Asociados en Seguridad Informática integrated Extricom WLAN and PacketFence at the Centro Banamex Exhibition Centre in Mexico City. With over 3,600 associations and 700 clients connecting and surfing concurrently, the solution worked seamlessly and faultlessly for the duration of the 5 day exhibition. Using a single SSID, users were able to register their devices and have different privileges based on who they were. Three access levels were provided - for VIPs, speakers and guests. PacketFence’s guest management and provisioning module was used to generate VIP and speakers accounts. Guests used the same account. Ludovic Marcotte, CEO , Inverse added ‘Securing WiFi access with PacketFence on Extricom equipment at Centro Banamex was a snap. Extricom’s protocol compliance and performance allowed PacketFence to efficiently provide all required BYOD services during this busy event’.

Other features this new partnership will bring include pre and post-connect network policy enforcement capabilities, automatic registration based on device fingerprints (DHCP, MAC address or User-Agent patterns) and automatic configuration of iOS devices after registration, avoiding complex operations by users unfamiliar with wireless network usage but maintaining strict network security protocols.

North America VP Sales and GM for Extricom Inc, Dan Kirtchuk, commented ‘our early success stories with Inverse as a partner providing PacketFence speak for themselves and we are of course delighted that the synergy between our two solutions is so well matched and effective. With stringent network security without the loss of network flexibility a necessity for any business looking at WLAN deployment to improve mobility or implement unified communications and BYOD strategy, we know our solution ticks all the boxes’.

About Extricom

Extricom is a manufacturer of 4th generation enterprise wireless LAN solutions, based on its Channel Blanket™ technology. While adhering to the 802.11 a/b/g/n standard, Extricom’s patented, Interference-Free architecture takes a completely new approach to the way the infrastructure is deployed. The Channel Blanket topology provides wire-like reliability, high throughput, seamless mobility, unparalleled noise immunity, and is easy to install and maintain. In an era of intensive wireless usage powered by the market explosion of smart phones, iPads, iPods, tablets and other communication devices, voice, data, video, and location services are delivered with an always-on, robust and mobile Wi-Fi connection to any client, in any environment. Extricom Interference-Free™ WLAN is purpose-built to slash wireless complexity and future-proof your network for tomorrow’s multi-service demands.

Extricom solutions are in use by customers operating in numerous industries worldwide, including Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics and Warehousing, Retail and public venues. They have discovered the uncompromising performance, reliability and ease of ownership that are the hallmark of the Extricom WLAN.

Extricom serves its growing global customer base through offices in the USA, Europe and Japan, and by working with a global network of distributors and partners.

Extricom Media Contacts:

Corporate: Lynn Kolevsohn Corp.marketing(at)extricom.com Americas: USA.Marketing(at)extricom.com EMEA: EMEA.Marketing(at)extricom.com APAC: AP.Marketing(at)extricom.com


About Inverse/PacketFence

PacketFence is a fully supported, free and open source network access control (NAC) system. It can be used to effectively secure wired and wireless networks – from small to very large heterogeneous networks. The leader behind the PacketFence solution, Inverse provides integration and support services for PacketFence and has deployed the solution in numerous production environments where thousands of users are involved. Since 2003, Inverse has been the leader in Quebec for Open Source software development and deployments.

Inverse Media Contacts

Ludovic Marcotte lmarcotte(at)inverse.ca http://www.inverse.ca and http://www.packetfence.org

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