Changes to our snapshots
March 14, 2011

Getting the latest and greatest now easier than ever!

We decided to automatically promote to our snapshots download page packages that pass our nightly test suite. Yes, you heard correctly, PacketFence now offers nightly builds!

Our PacketFence-Devel yum repository will also be updated with the packages starting from March 15th. If you are using this repository in production, we recommend that you switch to our normal PacketFence yum repository instead (see our releases download page for instructions on how).

Quickly, here’s the rationale behind that change:

  • Our development branches have been very stable for a long time

  • We haven’t done snapshot releases since quite a while

  • Releasing a snapshot took almost as much time as a proper release

  • We want to keep releasing as often

If you use the snapshots remember to read the UPGRADE document on every upgrade you perform.

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