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0000999: routed-mode: dhcpd doesn't start complaining about no listen interfaces
I tried several different things and it's still not working so I am opening a bug so we can give a better error message when this condition is reached.

In pf::util under get_dhcp_devs() when we are about to return an empty list, we should give some diagnostic about how to fix such a situation.
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2010-05-31 13:08   
Ok, here's the deal: I was trying to do dhcp without a local subnet (only through IP-Helpers) after a bit of googling I found out that dhcpd doesn't like that so I added a new local scope even though I have no plans to use it.

Maybe when we generate the config, if we see that no local dhcp subnet is defined we should die saying you need at least a local one.

Btw, my above hint about "get_dhcp_devs()" is false.
2010-06-30 14:51   
The admin guide recommends running local VLANs which should prevent the experience of this problem. Because of that, I re-target for 1.9.1.
2010-10-20 10:39   
changing conf/templates/dhcpd_vlan.conf to:
ddns-update-style none;
ignore client-updates;

subnet netmask {

does the trick for now but this should work out of the box.
2012-10-19 15:05   
Fixed recently.