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0001870PacketFenceweb adminpublic2015-03-03 13:442015-03-04 15:05
LinuxRHEL / CentOS6
0001870: Web admin page for switches has phantom second page
(This applies to PF 4.6.1, which isn't in the picklist yet.)
When PF has exactly 25 switches defined, the web admin switches page adds footer links for a second page of switches. Advancing to page 2 displays a blank space where switches should be listed, along with a button to add another switch. Deleting a switch (switch count 24) properly displays only one page again.
Create exactly 25 switches in PF 4.6.1, look at bottom of screen for link to second page.
I realize that this is mostly cosmetic, but figured that I should report it since I just spotted the problem.
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2015-03-04 15:05   
Bug reproduced.
We'll see to it that it gets fixed.