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0001864: Compatibility of HP Access Points
Hi Packetfence,

I ned to confirm what AP's are supported for HP Procurve. On the product support page it only states HP procurve, nothing else. DOes this mean all models are supported?

At present we are looking at: HP 425 Wireless Dual Radio 802.11n (WW)
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2015-02-09 09:14   
with HP Access Point you need a controller like a MSM760 to be able to deauth a device.
2015-02-09 17:59   
Thanks for that confirmation, on the supported devices webpage it mentions there are 2 ways in which to use packetfence:

One where a controller handles the Access Points (AP) and one where AP act individually.

"HP Procurve" is listed on the access point support section. Could you please confirm what AP's you support directly without a controller?

Additionally can you confirm if there needs to be switch support as well - or only AP support for WIFI control?
2015-02-09 20:44   
I can´t confirm exactly a list of access point that are supported without controller, we don´t have all the HP AP available at work.

In out of band mode we need to have a way to reevaluate the device access (per example after the registration on the portal) by disassociating the device to have a new radius request. The HP controller offer that with snmpwrite , xml api or ssh. Standalone AP allow to disassociate the device with cli (sometimes) so to verify if the AP is supported by PacketFence then try to connect with ssh and try to launch 'disassociate wireless client @mac' if it works then the AP is supported.