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0001857PacketFenceweb adminpublic2015-01-13 12:162015-03-04 11:30
0001857: Add the ability to detect the switch type using SNMP
Admins want a simple way to deploy Packetfence, with the least tweaking necessary to make it work. One way to accomplish this is to auto-detect the type of switch, based on SNMP response. (I believe this is similar to how "Uplink" and "VOIP" detection works.)

Packetfence should send an snmpget of to the switch. This will return the sysOID of the switch. This number can then be looked up in a table that maps sysOID to device type. (There are several open source tools like ( and that already have this table.)

Now Packetfence knows what kind of switch it is talking to, without required the admin to specify the type. [^]

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2015-01-13 18:22   
Here is one public table of these values: [^]
2015-03-04 11:30   
Interesting point.
We'll consider it in a future release.