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0001810PacketFenceweb adminpublic2014-06-11 10:372014-06-11 15:14
LinuxDebian7 (Wheezy)
0001810: IP Address saved as MAC Address in Switch configuration
When entering an IP address for a switch, e.g. it is saved as MAC address 19:21:68:20:11:01 which renders the configuration unusable (the switch is not accessed from packetfence).

The bug was reproducible with Packetfence 4.2.2 and 4.3.0 (10062014). The same configuration was successful with Packetfence 4.2.0.
Add a switch via web interface, enter IP of the switch.
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2014-06-11 10:37pfbugNew Issue
2014-06-11 15:13jrouzierfixed in git revision => ec3d6588084a5be371120aac4da9f4054357bf7e
2014-06-11 15:13jrouzierResolutionopen => fixed
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