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0001645PacketFenceweb adminpublic2013-05-29 11:462013-07-12 09:45
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0001645: When editing a User, unable to save changes because of missing fields "from" and "Expiration"
Modifying the user created when I logged into the registration portal, adding name, email, etc. All fields filled.

When I press "Save" I get:
"Error! Valid from field is required"
"Error! Expiration field is required"

Not a show stopper, but wanted to get it on the todo list.
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2013-05-29 15:36   
How was performed the registration? By email? By SMS? By sponsorship?
2013-05-29 16:34   
I didn't know you had to register users by email or sponsorship, I thought you just had to register nodes.

The user was created by logging into the registration page from the workstation I'm using for testing. Authentication was via an LDAP connection to our AD server.
2013-06-04 11:45   
I've improved the user form. Hopefully, you won't get those errors anymore.
2013-06-04 13:14   
What's the patch number?