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0001532PacketFenceinlinepublic2012-08-29 10:382012-10-19 11:31
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0001532: Generic inline module for wired/wireless hardware
Could be interesting to have such an hardware module to be able to use inline enforcement mode with RADIUS auth.
- Wireless equipment that doesn't support dynamic VLAN assignation
- Client would like a setup with both vlan and inline enforcement (inline since some of the hardware is incompatible with vlan)
- Client would like to create the same SSID on inline enforcement wireless equipment
- Connection to the secure SSID on inline would auto-register the node (inline enforcement style with iptable) but will not proceed with vlan change or deauth...
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should discuss at next meetup
2012-10-19 11:31   
This code has been pushed in Devel, and will be released in 3.6.0