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0001495PacketFencehardware modulespublic2012-07-27 14:422012-10-19 13:54
0001495: Printable MAC bug on SNMP GETs
Yup! We've seen this bug again, but on SNMP GETs.

Some hardware module use gettable in order to get the list of associated devices. On some occasions, the mac listed will be printable, and the gettable will list them as strings instead of HEX strings which will cause deauth issues.

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related to 0001098closed obilodeau hard-coded snmptrapd invocation fails on "printable" MAC addresses 
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2012-07-27 15:30   
work should be done in fix/1495-printable-mac-hp-module
2012-08-07 09:43   
It probably affects several other modules as well.. All MACs not encoded in OID format could be affected. Do not mark as resolved until all of them are reviewed and fixed.

See the fix in 0001098 for an example of how to fix it globally and the kind of effort that should take place. Here's the commit: [^]
2012-08-07 09:44   
That said there should be a lot less problematic places since most of the time MACs are encoded in OID format.
2012-10-19 13:54   
This has been fixed for HP for sure. Let's close it, and reopen if see other problems.