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0001485PacketFencecorepublic2012-07-10 15:552012-10-19 13:46
0001485: pf::web::guest / admin guest creation need some kind of separation
It's seems like there's code "reutilization" but in a strange way...
guest creation (preregistered) should be "admin stuff" and for the moment there's a strong link with portal methods
new portal profiles uses a portalSession object which is not meant to be used on the admin side. Since some methods in the guests preregistration workflow are the same as the ones used for different captive portal pages generation, there's some kind of conflict

There should also have a real distinction between these concepts (templates, cgi, generation methods)
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related to 0001507closed obilodeau Web extension point (pf::web::custom) no longer works in 3.5.0 
related to 0001518closed obilodeau guest management login doesn't work 
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2012-07-11 16:22   
- should a real distinction between admin web and portal web... admin should include guest_admin_reg
- different templates used for guest self registration and guest admin registration (put these templates elsewhere...)
- pf::web::generate_error_page <-> pf::web::generate_admin_error_page

- inline get_client_ip in new pf::Portal::Session stuff
- standardize the way of calling templates, variables VS non-variables, ..
2012-08-28 15:02   
work started in branch: fix/1485-web-guest-vs-admin-separation

See: [^]
2012-08-29 16:13   
I'm done with this here. See the changes: [^]

Once the pull request for fix/apache-acl-generation-for-guests will be merged, I'm going to open a pull request for fix/1485-web-guest-vs-admin-separation.

Doing so because the latter branch was derived from the former branch.
2012-09-12 14:01   
pull request opened: [^]