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0001450: Avaya software 6.2.4 potential regressions
This ticket is to track a potential regression issue with Avaya 5520/5510s using the 6.2.4 software and port-security

If the switch is stacked, it looks like the switch is sending the security trap using the wrong ifIndex.

We did not reproduce this in our lab so far (we do not have a 5510/5520). If someone has more info about this or would like to test, please feed this ticket :)
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2012-05-11 08:44fgaudreaultNew Issue
2012-10-19 11:57fgaudreaultNote Added: 0003143
2012-10-19 11:58fgaudreaultTarget Version => 3.6.0
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2012-10-19 15:51fgaudreaultFixed in Version => 3.6.0
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2012-10-19 11:57   
Should write a POD entry in the module, and mark the bug as resolved.

Will target for 3.6.0.