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0001396PacketFenceconfigurationpublic2012-03-09 12:372012-10-19 14:05
0001396: bond interfaces causes virtual-ip detection to fail
I suspect that Net::Interface doesn't support them..

Maybe it's VLAN interfaces period because the issue was reported on a bond vlan interface (ex: bond0.10).

I'll need to reproduce in the lab.
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2012-03-09 12:52   
pushed a workaround in 3f948bc: new virtual-ip parameter available under interface configuration.

This will override vip autodetection so in that case you should hardcode it there.
2012-10-19 14:05   
Workaround is enough for me. If it's a limitation of the underlaying software, we cannot do much more. Re-open if you think we should investigate more.