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0001387PacketFenceinlinepublic2012-02-29 11:082012-04-18 10:00
0001387: iptables forward filter customization
currently the forward filter is generated in one block:
### FORWARD ###
:forward-internal-inline-if - [0:0]

which renders like:
### FORWARD ###
:forward-internal-inline-if - [0:0]
-A forward-internal-inline-if --protocol udp --destination --destination-port 53 --jump ACCEPT

-A forward-internal-inline-if --match mark --mark 0x1 --jump ACCEPT

This prevent customization like the following (unless you insert and hardcode rules Id which is not future proof):
- deny access to LAN

which need to be introduced after allowing DNS but before allowing all marked users through..
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related to 0001374closed dwuelfrath Inline mode should work as VLAN mode regarding DNS blackholing 
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2012-02-29 11:10   
Thinking about this I originally thought splitting the forward filter in two groups: DNS allow and users allow so that one can insert custom rules in between but when I realized we are getting rid of the DNS statements (see 0001374) and we are planning to do so in the next cycle, then I think we should simply wait and do nothing as it will be fixed by itself.
2012-04-18 09:59   
fix released in 3.3.0 last friday