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0001214PacketFenceweb adminpublic2011-05-05 09:322015-02-18 10:55
0001214: Better node importation feature
In the node page, you can import nodes using CSV. If the node already exists it will deny the import. Also, you can only import the device MAC address.

I think it would be great if you could import more settings for the node (ie. status, category, bypass_vlan, etc) and if the node already exists, we could add a check box to override the actual settings of the node in the DB.
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duplicate of 0001120resolved fgaudreault node import support for more input fields 
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2011-05-05 13:52   
Should this generate a VLAN assignment if the MAC has an active locationlog record? This additional lookup would slow down the importation process.
2015-02-18 10:55   
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