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0001178PacketFencecorepublic2011-02-07 10:522012-10-19 14:27
0001178: Voice over IP (VoIP) static port-security instead of dynamic for locationlog accuracy and security
Right now, we aim to configure VoIP using dynamic port-security on the voice VLAN. This has a sad side-effect of having the phones not show up in the PacketFence system. Adding to the confusion there's the fact that if an IPT is put there alone some will do untagged traffic, generate a trap then show up in PF..

We should rework VoIP to always handle it with static port-security, have it show up in the secure table and making sure the locationlog is accurate. It will be more consistent across other vendors and will have an inventory benefit.

Will also give us the opportunity to refactor this code (extract into methods, re-indent, simplify ifs, reduce nesting depth, etc.) making it easier to maintain in the future.

Must be done in a major release cycle (trunk).

keywords: IPT, IP Telephony
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For Cisco this has been implemented while fixing other issues. Turns out this is a per vendor thing, other vendors would need to be validated.
2012-10-19 14:26   
This has been fixed a WAY back ago.