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0001085PacketFencerefactoringpublic2010-10-07 12:082015-02-13 15:35
0001085: SNMP modules capability definitions
Switch should carry the information whether they support 802.1X, VoIP, Port-Security, etc.

Also, this is related to the fact that they should provide their own names instead of us having to copy that information all over the place.

With this we could:
- have the web admin generate list of switches by itself
- have better error reporting of a request that comes from connection_type X that is unsupported by the switch
- loop on all modules supporting X and test if the methods required to support this are implemented
- and more!
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related to 0000829closed obilodeau supported switch list should be auto-generated for admin interface 
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2010-10-07 13:23   
supportsMacAuthBypass() and supportsWiredDot1x() implementation started in revno 1949debfbbbf55d8c0dc1618b466e9549374cc4d
2011-03-16 15:25   
Added supportsWirelessMacAuth and supportsWirelessDot1x in all wireless modules. For now it is only enforced by tests and not by pf::radius (yet).

- loop on all modules supporting X and test if the methods required to support this are implemented
has been done for wireless modules under network-devices/wireless.t

revno: 65f1718d887b3c194e75ce5ba66326998f8eba8c
2012-10-19 14:31   
Check the status of that work.
2015-02-13 15:35   
No longer relevant.