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0001026: PacketFence does not handle very well the AutoReg violation in some cases
We have a client with a big network and more than 2k VoIP phones plugged on Nortel switches.
With Nortel switches, we have to manage VoIP phones because PF needs to authorize each phone on a port.

We enabled the Autoreg violation and configured it so that all devices with a a Nortel Phone DHCP fingerprint are automatically registered.

The issue is that everytime a phone renew its IP, PF tries to trigger a violation, which is always closed eventhough the phone is registered.
By looking at the logs and the load on the machine, I realized that this situation/setup results in a non-negligeable useless work overload on the server.

So I'm wondering if, for that particular Autoreg violation, we should not think of a different way to manage things. What is the point of creating a autoreg violation for a device that is already registered ?!?. Should we really use a violation for this ?

I'm still not sure this is an issue though... just throwing ideas in that ticket.
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patch violation-autoreg-only-if-node-not-reg.patch (4,507) 2011-04-13 10:05
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faced a problem today related to this.

autoregistering a node did a VLAN re-evaluation of the switch-port and this had consequences on the phone plugged in or the PC depending on whether a PC was there or not.

Avoiding the violation creation when the node is already reg would solve this and the above performance problem so I'm going through with this.

2011-02-24 09:25   
Violation with action autoreg is only triggered if node is not registered.