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0001005: 802.1x and unauthenticated VLAN
This auth combinaison is a way to handle guests without a full-blown NAC like PacketFence. If the client is unable to provide proper credentials, then a specific VLAN is used as a last mean to give access. It is not the same as Cisco's Guest-VLAN feature.

The variant with MAB means that non-capable 802.1x go straight to MAB while 802.1x capable devices that fail to provide valid credential (or successful EAP exchanges) are put in the unauthenticated VLAN. With this in mind, you can clearly see that you can use the captive portal also to remediate misbehaving 802.1x clients (including guests from other 802.1x networks) into a proper config.

So, if configured properly, a registered 802.1x user that is in isolation VLAN would need to be presented with 802.1x instructions (including offering a download of a client) and could be logged.

Modifying the captive portal to support that is trivial but it might not be something that everyone wants so it needs to be considered appropriately.
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Custom use case. Using Inline for that VLAN would work.